Tuesday, February 25, 2020

The Print Media Research Proposal Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

The Print Media - Research Proposal Example However, a recent detailed version of the story public on the New York Times reveals the account from the lens of the bloggers which is indicated by the mere headline of the piece, i.e. ‘NYC Mayor De Blasio: Police Were Disrespectful to Turn Backs’. In other words, the gist of the story which clearly speaks of the account of how the Mayor castigates the police officers is revealed by the headline. Any reader referring to the news story or even an opinion leader mentioning this news story can`t help but readily demonstrate an inherent bias towards the issue. Further reading into the story, the story reveals the account of how the Mayor castigated the NYPD and directly targeted those who created a scene at the funeral earlier saying that these officers were disrespectful towards the families of the deceased. Furthermore, the piece is worded in such a way that it would appear to the reader as if the Mayor exceeded his limits and was too harsh on the innocent officers. Moreo ver, another report says that Mayor avoided the reporters for weeks, which has again been presented in such a way that the readers would perceive as if the Mayor was merely engaged in face-saving. Therefore, clearly, the piece lacks balanced approach. However, the same paper reported the issue in a contrasting context earlier where the bias was placed more in the favor. The opinion editorial published in New York Times labeled ‘Respect for NYPD Squandered in Attacks on Bill de Blasio’ presents yet another picture where the paper takes a contrasting direction.

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